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The name of the festival means 'admiring cherry blossoms.' It is a traditional spring celebration in Japan where families and friends gather for picnics under blooming cherry trees, enjoying their fleeting beauty in a relaxed atmosphere. Sake is often consumed, and poems are composed during this time.



sakura amber ale

The first beer with sakura petals — Sakura Dark Ale was brewed at Pivovar Strahov as early as 2017. When it was decided in 2022 to brew sakura beer again after years, the idea came up to accompany its release with a smaller event that would introduce visitors to Japanese culture. In conjunction with the "Czech samurai" Jakub Zeman, an event was created, which is now celebrating its third year and enjoying great interest and participation.


Previous editions took place at Pivovar Strahov in the area of Strahov Monastery. However, the enormous public interest hit the capacity limits of the space, so this year's event is taking place at one of Prague's most significant palaces, Clam-Gallas, located in the heart of Prague's Old Town.


The event will kick off at 12:00 with a procession of samurais in armor from Pivovar Strahov, continuing to the Clam-Gallas Palace. Here, visitors can expect a rich program showcasing a diverse range of traditional Japanese cultural disciplines. However, fans of Japanese pop culture genres such as Manga and Anime will also find something to enjoy.

hanami průvod

From one o'clock onwards, there will be demonstrations of martial arts, tea ceremonies, recitations of Haiku poetry, an exhibition of ink painting, kimonos, ikebana, and historical originals of Japanese swords in the courtyard and indoor spaces of the palace. The program also includes a tournament in the discipline of samurai sword cutting tests, and visitors can compete for the most beautiful traditional kimono, Haiku, and cosplay. Of course, the legendary sakura beer, excellent teas, and delicacies such as ramen, onigirazu, and Japanese pastries will also be available.

The event will take place rain or shine, admission is voluntary. We look forward to celebrating the blooming sakuras, spring, and joy together. 🌸

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